Quest do Pet Lobo

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Quest do Pet Lobo

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1. Talk to Martin in the norhtwest part of Gludin. He will give you an animal_slayer_list.

2. Hunt the animals Martin asks you to in your homeland until you get 50 of the quest item they drop:

- Dwarf: Hunter Tarantula (lvl 16 passive) and Plunder Tarantula (lvl 17 aggressive) for bloody_tarantula_nail. Northeast area of dwarf lands, use the teleporters to get to the northeast coast and go east one valley.

- Dark Elf: Lesser Dark Horror (lvl 15 aggressive), Dark Horror (lvl 16 aggressive), or Prowler for bloody_nail. Found in Swampland, to the Southwest of Dark Elven Village.

3. Return to Martin. He will take the items and give you an animal_lovers_list.

4. Visit the 3 people mentioned in the list - Gatekeeper Belle in Gludio, Guard Metty at the south exit of Dion, and Trader Ellie in Giran's Jewelry shop.

5. Return to Martin and take the quiz - these questions may appear in any order, and the question list may not yet be complete. Questions in [] are paraphrased.

P: The pet shall disappear forever if you can't resurrect it within a certain amount of time. What is the maximum amount of time to resurrect a pet?

R: 20 minutes.

P: The owner can use its pet for many different purposes. Which one of the following is NOT the purpose of a pet use?

R: Send someone to buy items from the village.

P: Which one among the following does a wolf NOT eat?

R: No response.

P: Normally, how would a wolf's tail be positioned?

R: Tail is always hanging.

P: The biological classification of the wolf is 'meat-eating mammal of a dog's family'. Then which animal among the following is NOT a 'meat-eating mammal from a dog's family'?

R: No response.

P: The following connections are made between the wolves in the Lineage world and their habitats. Which of the following is NOT connected properly?

R: Orcs? black wolf.

P: The following are descriptions about the wolf. Choose the RIGHT one among the choices.

R: A full-grown wolf weighs less than most adult men.

P: What should you do to make a pet grow faster?

R: Makes the pet hit monster several times.

P: There is no exact data on the life span of a wild wolf. Then how long does a wolf in the zoo normally live?

R: 12-15 years

P: The following are descriptions on the life of a wolf. Choose the WRONG description among the choices.

R: A pregnant wolf makes shelter in a large vacant ground for her babies.

P: How far (km) can a wolf's scent reach?

R: 2.4 km

P: [Which wolf leads the pack?]

R: Alpha male.

P: [What is the wrong description of a wolf's breeding process?]

R: The period of a pregnancy is 9 months.

P: [What wolf lives 2.5M-10K years ago?]

R: Dire Wolf.

6. Buy resurrection scrolls!!! You only have 20 minutes after a pet dies to avoid losing them forever!
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